Dream Team: Jess Brohier

For each Dream Team shoot, we invite a photographer, stylist, and model to collaborate together in creating a new world for SUKU to exist in. This month, Melbourne photographer (and long-time pal) Jess Brohier teamed up with stylist Christine Lafian (SUKU’s very own), and model Madeleine Rose Tudor to imagine up a space and place for our new collection, Moments in Love. Together, they painted a world in which the romance of solitude blooms - the motel room, and pieced together a story about a wistful, yet content, lonely sleeper.

SUKU’s latest collection is named Moments in Love, and different ideas about romantic love were the inspiration behind it. What’s the story behind this shoot, and how did you come up with it?
I've become obsessed with telling stories through my images lately, creating a character and a feel to every portrait I take. I'd always wanted to shoot in a motel because of the dreamy, summer vacation, romantic vibes that I feel emanate from such a sleepy retro looking location - I felt it would be the perfect backdrop. Chrissy and I loved the idea of creating a story around the idea of loneliness and romance.

Which moment was your favourite from the day?
Right at the end of the shoot when all three of us, Maddy, Chrissy and myself had a group hug and embraced the wonderful energy we had basked in all morning. It makes me the happiest when everyone is completely in their element and energy is in sync, and we all come together to create something that reflects each of our own unique contributions.

How do you know when you've met the right person to collaborate with, to make magic together?
I just feel it! I'm all about energy. Sometimes I can just randomly start chatting to someone about ideas and before I know it we've planned a whole project and are super excited to create together. It feels effortless and everything just falls into place. The moments spent together are memorable, genuine and warm, and exactly how I'd want to spend all my creative time. This is how I've felt about both Maddy and Chrissy, from the first time I'd met each of them. So it felt like a perfect match for a Dream Team project!

What is something you love to fall in love with?
I love getting lost in new cities. That has got to be up there with something I know I want to do for the rest of my life. Also people - I love falling in love with people. They are so beautiful in their intricacies and I've done a great job of surrounding myself with some amazing souls throughout the years.

When you're due for some me-time, what do you do to feel like yourself again?
Ha! I've definitely been lacking in the me-time department lately, so I've been trying extra hard to spend time doing simple things that bring me back to feeling like myself. Going for walks, taking baths, reading books, going camping, all these things are super simple yet super important. I was recently told I'm not spending enough Yin to match my Yang, so lately I've been trying to switch off from work completely and to just do some personal projects, which has also helped!

Photography // Jess Brohier
Model // Madeleine Rose Tudor
Styling // Christine Lafian
Words // Maxine Dabrowski