Tile Vessel in Porcelain #1


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Porcelain, glaze

180 x 130 x 195 mm

Lucy wants her work to occupy the space where architecture and landscape meet. With repetitive patterns and bold colour, her objects are informed by modernist architecture and have textile like qualities, combining soft and hard. She is concerned with juxtaposing form and texture to create both tension and harmony.

The Tile Vessel is slab built, each slab has a different texture created with rocks and a plaster mould. The textured slabs are cut and layered upon one another, slip oozes from in between the slabs to create a seam. The exterior has a matte white finish, glazed seams and a white gloss interior glaze.

The Tile Vessel is watertight and you’re encouraged to use it as a vase. Please avoid getting the exterior wet and take care when cleaning the interior as the seams may be sharp.