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Tinctures are liquid herbal extracts that have been used in herbal medicine for centuries. Holy Mountain's tinctures are brewed the slow way, steeping transformative nervine herbs and adaptogens in alcohol for six weeks before being tinctured into individual glass bottles.

During this time the alcohol takes on the nutritional and medicinal properties of the herbs, along with the flavour, colour and scent. As only a tiny amount of alcohol is consumed when we take herbal tinctures, it remains a very safe and effective way of delivering our favourite herbal remedies.

Tinctures are an excellent option for those who lead a busy lifestyle and convenient for travel so you can easily use your herbs wherever you are. 

We use certified organic grape vodka (naturally gluten free) ideal for botanical use from Western Australia. Given that the amount of tincture needed is very little (between 20-40 drops) the amount of alcohol consumed is incredibly small.

Serving Suggestions: Take 20 drops in water or juice, 1-3 times per day.  Best taken between meals. 20 drops from the glass dropper equals approx 1ml (1 dropper full).

Extraction Ratio: 1:5