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Japan is a country that blends tradition, cultural values, and bustling metropolises with grace and beauty. At the heart of its culture is Kyoto, which has been the heart of Japan’s history and pride for over a thousand years. Its several hundred Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, sprawling gardens and parks, and incredible palace draw people from all over the country, and the world, to visit. It’s Miz’s hometown, where she grew up and spent her formative years before working in Osaka and then moving to Australia for five years. She’s been back in Kyoto for a while, and her relationship with her city has grown and changed from her experiencing the lifestyles of people from all over the world. Her appreciation for Japan has grown and changed, and her experiences as a creative living in the sometimes intense working culture of the country has shaped her and her practice. We were lucky to be able to talk to her about her about these experiences in a candid and open way, as she shared what growing up in Japan is like. It’s inspiring to read, as we all learn to love where we grew up, embracing the imperfections of our cultures.