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Friesnsauce was founded in 2019 by Hakiki Zahwa with Ari Triawan, Awfi Muhammad, Keiza Azzahra and Magista Aristyo. It is a contemporary art gallery in Bandung which merges art, design, architecture and programmed experiences, with the intention of introducing the public to both up-and-coming and established artists. Friesnsauce started from the premise that art and culture are essential to the future vitality of the community; providing inspiration in the world of contemporary culture, a platform for artists, designers and creative talent in the community to bring their narratives to the public.

Living through the constantly evolving situation over the past year, which is affecting each and every corner of the world, millions of people (including us) are coming to terms with being increasingly cut off from society. The pandemic is edging us into physical isolation, with the virtual world as our only interaction. Beyond our consciousness, it forces us to redefine how we interact, connect and experience our world. 

In our latest editorial project with SUKU, we aimed to capture and collect stories from creative individuals across Indonesia, Australia, and Malaysia. The intention of the project was to rethink camaraderie and the way we collaborate, while shifting and adapting to the present situation. Moreover, we wanted to explore and reveal what those formative years of youth and optimism look like in the midst of radical changes. Our project offered a look into their journey with their personal environment and how SUKU fits into this adaptation.