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Today, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible individuals who have played pivotal roles in the growth of SUKU. While there are countless supporters and contributors, we’d like to shine a spotlight on six extraordinary individuals who have been by our side throughout the journey of growing SUKU. Their unwavering belief in the brand has not only made us who we are today but has also taught us that success is not merely reaching a destination but embracing the remarkable people we encounter along the way.

Now, let's meet the Familiar Faces who have been instrumental in our journey.

Chrissy's husband, partner, and the first believer in her brand. Chris's support and encouragement have been vital from the very beginning. Whether it was conceptualising the brand name during a random lightbulb moment or lending his building expertise to construct the first-ever store, Chris has been there every step of the way. With his multifaceted skills, he now serves as our account manager and bookkeeper.

As Chrissy's housemate during the inception of SUKU home, Konrad played a crucial role in the brand's visual identity. His keen eye for styling elevated our first-ever photoshoot and led to him becoming SUKU’s go-to stylist for the next four years. Konrad's contributions extended beyond aesthetics as he assisted with staff training, visual merchandising, and human resources management.

The first photographer to collaborate with SUKU home, Charlie's raw and honest approach captured the essence of our brand. Shooting exclusively on film for the initial six years, Charlie's work graced the pages of Oyster Magazine and various other esteemed platforms. 


A long-time friend and former colleague of Chrissy's, Tamrin's support for SUKU home has been unwavering. From being a model to assuming diverse roles such as sales representative, marketing specialist, copywriter, and content creator, Tamrin has consistently demonstrated her dedication to the brand. Though she no longer works for SUKU, her friendship, and belief in our vision remain invaluable.

Introduced to each other through a previous job, Amy quickly became an essential member of the SUKU family. Beyond modeling for the brand, Amy served as a sales representative, IT guru, inventory manager, and expert problem-solver. With shared interests in astrology and philosophy, along with being a captivating storyteller, she cemented her role in the inner circle of SUKU.

Nini, as she’s affectionately called, was our first fashion designer. Her creative expertise has played a significant role in expanding the SUKU product range, including the beloved Nini pants. Anita's relentless passion for her craft led her to pursue a career as a machinist at RMIT, yet her influence on SUKU home continues to shape the trajectory of the brand. With her encouragement, SUKU has ventured into new realms, applying our textiles to clothing, tableware, and even our upcoming dog wear range.