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We’ve been contemplating the importance of the people who make up the fabrics of our lives. While relationships may naturally ebb and flow, they always leave an impact and provide continuous opportunity and support for growth. In that spirit, we welcome you back to Familiar Faces, the space where we get to meet our community’s community.

Jonathan has previously collaborated with us on our Pillowtalks with Tara Basro and Eva Celia, and we’ve always been captivated by his art direction. His bright imagery creates a world of amusement with a touch of absurdism and fantasy, which he never hesitates to bring his loved ones into. We loved getting to know the people lucky enough to join him in his journey.

I met Rama, Yusti and Jason because they’re working in the same industry as me, so we met either at events or shoots. Janice, Bram and Stevan I met through mutual friends, and we just ended up getting along together. 

I usually see them once or twice a week, and we usually hang out at nighttime. I think one of the things that all of them are the best at is the way that they can manage their moods when we're hanging out. 

I’ve got so many good memories with them, I can’t really narrow them down - we’ve had so many blurry nights together.

Photography & Styling by Jonathan Andy Tan