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Our lives are defined by the people we love; we carve our time and space around those that are important to us. The irregular phone call from that friend you haven’t seen in a while, the quick coffee catch up in between errands, the weekly walk in the mornings to start your day. These instances of connection and familiarity are what push our lives forward, they mark the moments in between the repetition of life that we all so often get lost in. Familiar Faces was a concept created because we wanted to emphasise the appreciation we have for the people that make up our every day. We ask some of our friends to talk to the people they continue to surround themselves with. 

First up in the series is Leandro Quintero, who we met 3 years ago when we were working on our campaign together. A photographer originally from Jakarta, he recently moved to Berlin and has made plenty of connections along the way.



Vera is a well known DJ and producer in Berlin. I met her in 1999 at a jungle rave in Goa and we’ve been friends ever since. She is incredible at music selection - she has exquisite taste, it’s very versatile and wide ranging. One of my favourite things to do with Vera is just to talk. She’s a great listener, and she always questions and deconstructs everything with her thoughts. I adore her intellect.



Mimi is a sound healing therapist and a wonderful piano player. She dedicates her life to nerding out about sound healing to help people. We met 7 years ago at a retreat in Berlin. She’s an amazing therapist, and has an amazing sense of humour - her high class sarcasm and wit mean it’s always fun to be around her.


Alexandre is a French sommelier living in Berlin who I met while drinking wine at a mutual friend’s dinner. He’s very kind and full of knowledge (especially about wines, natural or other), and is extremely easy going which is always a positive. Most of the time I’m with him is spent discussing geopolitics with heavy sarcasm, laughing lots, and discussing romanticism and our love for women in general.


Solynka is a food lover and journalist, soon to become a chef. We met in my dear city of Buenos Aires when I was having an exhibition at an art fair, which quickly turned into a wild weekend. Solynka’s one of the most uplifting people I’ve ever met. She’s always fun, in a good mood, kind, generous. I love how adaptable she is, always blending into her environment and being open minded, curious and a hardcore hedonist who loves life deeply and doesn’t waste a second. My dad would say it’s easier to win the lottery than finding a girl like her.



Vlada is a DJ and producer living between Ibiza and Berlin. We met at Berghain Panorama Bar while dancing - I remember she was camouflaged by smoke, and was so deeply into the music but still aware of the entirety of her surroundings. She has excellent taste in music and makes amazing mixes (which you should definitely check out), has good taste in photography and as any good gemini, is very talkative and dresses well. We share a common sense of humour that can be very mean, so every time we meet we laugh a lot. 



Anja works in media, used to live in Berlin and is a mother of two beautiful girls. We met through a mutual friend about 10 years ago. It was one of those wonderful endless Berlin weekends, and we clicked from our first encounter. Anja is a good listener and can be equally the sweetest and most lethal person around.


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