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Who: Tam, SUKU Retail Assistant and I help out with the communications side of things :)
Where: Northcote (but I can’t deny that the southside still has a special place in my heart)
Star sign: Scorpio

What is ‘me time’ to you?
Me time to me often involves being around the people I love. A shared meal, yoga with my friends, a glass of wine with my housemates - just putting my phone and laptop down and connecting with the people I love the most in the world is really me time. I get so caught up that I forget to stop, so getting to do that with my friends is my favourite thing; I’m a big laugher and it’s the ultimate release.

At the end of each day, I burn some incense, either Shoyeido or Astier de Villatte, and lie on my shakti mat - I’m a SUCKER for my shakti mat, it has changed my life. Then I put on a meditation or even one of those metronomes for breathing for ten minutes. I also recently started seeing a physio and the exercises that I do are actually so good cause they release all the pain and tension I carry!

If I really need to chill out and unwind, I run a bath with epsom salts and lavender. We have this epic burgundy old school bathtub with copper claw feet, it’s a pretty special. One of my beautiful friends gave me this incredible Gascoigne & King candle called Modern Love and that’s my go to bath time burn. Then it’s a glass of red or a matcha latte, a face mask, and I’m unreachable for a few hours.

Am I the only one who is still not over SZA’s CTRL? It’s still my go to me time album! 20 Something is probably my favourite at the moment.