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You might recognise Ayla Dimitri, she’s a longtime SUKU friend, and has been a big part of our life for a long time. We were overjoyed that we got to spend time with her while we’ve been in Jakarta as one of our #sukudreamers. Seeing Ayla grow while staying true to herself while balancing her life is very inspiring. Her life on the surface shows success after success. As well as being one of Indonesia’s it-girls, Ayla’s recent work collaborations are seriously impressive; she attends dinners hosted by Louis Vuitton, she’s a TRESemmé Style Expert and while juggling all this she managed to travel to Paris, Provence, London, and New Zealand - all in the last year alone. However, the thing we find most inspiring about our friend Ayla is the way that she continually looks to affect positive change into the world. She has upheld her values and beliefs and has used her voice and platform to help her community. So how does she continuously find balance, harmony and inspiration? Ayla shares with us how she keeps grounded when most of her life is spent up in the air.

What’s your favourite smell to wake up to?

Favourite breakfast to eat in bed?
Roti coklat! (Roti coklat is a sweet tooth’s dream; it’s simply baked bread filled with warm gooey chocolate. It’s pillowy, decadent, and delicious)

What book are you reading to fall asleep last night?
My not so perfect life - Sophie Kinsella

Would you rather wake up on a rainy Sunday and a sunny Sunday?
Sunny Sunday

Would you rather wake up in a bustling city or the quiet seaside?
Quiet seaside

What about Indonesia that inspires you the most?
The nature and culture

Do you have any practices that you take with you no matter where you are in the world?
Sholat. I always travel with Mukenah which is a prayer garment.


What’s the most grounding experience you’ve ever had while travelling?
When I travel with Rama into the nature, no signal, walking barefoot listening to the sound of the nature, no make up, wearing the simplest outfit: Make[s] you feel so human, alive, and grounded. For me, that's zen.

Are there any rituals, or things you do for yourself, that help you find balance in your busy lifestyle?
Every year I try to take a holiday where I literally reset by not touching my phone, wearing any make-up, thinking about what i should be wearing, and I don’t document it. It’s very empowering and it allows me to reset.

What’s the most exotic breakfast you’ve ever eaten? Where were you?
Young coconut fresh from the tree on a secluded beach in Kei islands

What’s your favourite song to listen to in the morning to get you ready for the day?

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you be?
Next to Rama, my boyfriend, wherever.

What’s your current day to day mantra?
Living in equanimity.

Ayla Dimitri's SUKU pick,


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