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Our Pillow Talk features are an opportunity for us to get a bit deep and personal with some of our favourite people, and we could not think of a more interesting person to share our pillow with other than artist Frances Cannon. She’s based in Melbourne but grew up in Thailand, and today Frances is becoming increasingly well known for her sweet, yet direct and political, illustrations and messages of self-acceptance on Instagram. We believe that relationships with self-love can be complex and even contradictory, but they’re relationships worth fighting for. So, we were thrilled to hang out with Frances in her home one afternoon, and we got talking about the many ways comfort and discomfort can lead to increased self-love.

Your parents raised you in Thailand, and now you're in Melbourne working as an artist. How do your experiences growing up in Thailand inform your life in Australia? 
I grew up in Thailand from when I was around 9 months old until I was 19. It was a beautiful experience and I truly love that I grew up understanding a mixture of cultures and learning another language. When I returned to Australia there was a bit of a culture shock but I have made lots of friends in the time that I've been here. 

Where or what feels like home to you?
This is a difficult question because all my memories of childhood and home are in Thailand but my current home where I feel safe and loved is here in Melbourne with my partner and my dog! 

What has helped you the most in defining and directing your artistic practice?
Studying art for 4 years at RMIT really helped me, not only in broadening my practice and learning new skills, but I also met so many of my closest friends at university. The people I know and love inform my work a lot! 

What do you do to help yourself feel comfortable when you need it most?
Drink a cuppa tea, put on a hoodie, and snuggle with my dog and watch TV or an old movie. 

How important do you think it is for people to embrace what they consider uncomfortable?
I think a lot of growth can be had from being in an unfamiliar environment or experiencing something new and scary. But I also think it's important not to push yourself too much, especially if you struggle with anxiety etc. Just do what is best for you and your mental health. 

How do you experience self-love on a daily basis?
I feel most centered when I am drawing and for me, doing art is the kindest thing I can do for myself. 

What dreams do you have for your art and business?
I hope to have an exhibition overseas at some point! And I hope to sell more and more paintings :)

Frances's SUKU pick,
Heartbeat Puffer Kimono + The Stripe Pyjama,
Moon Pyjama + Teardrop Dressing Gown
Photography // Christine Lafian
Words // Maxine Dabrowski


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