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While they are each known for their own creative practices, the meeting of Jess Blume and Marian Kelliher Scott can tell you a lot about them as a couple and as individuals;  they’re independent yet devoted, artistic but also pragmatic, and they feed each other’s energy in a way only a soul mate can. Together, they create a relaxed way of life which strengthens their art, whether it be in weaving, carpentry, or even computer programming. We joined them for croissants and coffee on the weekend to find out more about their ideas, quirks, and plans for the future.

How did you both meet?
Jessica: We meet in 2013 at an art exhibition and then a few weeks later at a party, we immediately walked away from the crowd and talked all night then I dinked her home on my bike and we did pottery and drank tea until the sun came up, it was a whirl.

How would you describe what you do?
Creatively, I have always worked with my hands, I have left uni half way through twice because I just miss it so much when I don't have the time but I have a found that now that podcasts exist, I can learn and listen while I weave and that is perfect for me. These days I mainly weave and dabble in painting and pottery but I am also working on getting my ethical clothing label off the ground which is also really exciting. 
Marian: I'm trying to stay young at heart, be positive, support awesomeness and have good business vibes.

What's your favourite thing about your partner's practice?
I have always been impressed with Marian's ability to do anything she approaches brilliantly. That versatility and lateral thinking is such an amazing skill to have, whether its computer programming, carpentry or illustration - she approaches it the same way. Oh and the way she has no need to share it, or get praise! I am not like that at all haha.
I love and admire Jume's courage, integrity and kindness

Would you rather: a view of treetops or of the coast?
J: We lived with ocean view for the past year and loved it so much, hearing the sea while you are in bed and watching it change in the weather and surfing every day is unbeatable to me but at the beach house we realised that we were missing that feeling of being nestled in the trees. i realise i want to live in a place that has both. I love the city but more than anything, rainforest-y mountains on the coast is the best place to me.
M: A view to the sea through the trees. 

Imagine you both moved to a new city - what would be the first thing you do to make to feel like home?
J: I would make some friends, having a community of warm loving friends makes anywhere feel like home.
M: Explore then bring home plants, fresh flowers and trinkets.
What project are you working on at the moment?
J: I just bought a 2 meter squared loom to make some really large works which is exciting and I am also chipping away at a clothing label I am starting. It is a collection of ethically made, non seasonal pieces which I have been plotting on and off for years now. It is so nice to finally feel things moving forward. I also am in the process of opening a studio space with my friend where we will work from and also use for workshops and community events which I am super excited about. 
M: Getting rich in the currency of stoke!

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
J: We like to sleep sideways
M: Yes. This is true!

What book are you reading at the moment?
J: I am reading The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson....Finally. 
M: I haven't read a book in years!
J: That's not true! Marian is always reading from her ever growing collection of 70's books on surfing, how to build your own house or do permaculture. I mainly read novels or non-fiction literature, and Marian mainly reads big information packed guides for a life well lived.

How far would you go for love?
J: I would go across oceans, out of my comfort zone and into foreign experiences but never beyond my personal boundaries of respect and kindness.
M: Very far, for those in the know, love is everything.

Whats the cutest/sweetest song you ever give each other?
M: Christopher Cross - Ride like the wind
J: That's our road trip song.


Jess and Marian's SUKU pick,
Okinawa Quilt Cover, Haze Puffer Kimono, The Stripe Pyjama,
Romance Kimono, The Stripe Boyfriend Dress
Photography // Christine Lafian
Words // Maxine Dabrowski