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We’re very lucky to be able to connect with incredible, powerhouse people through SUKU, and we find inspiration through our platform every day. Our Pillowtalk series gives us the opportunity to share the inspiration we see in incredible people in the world with you all. Melody Jasmine is one such woman. Melody’s world looks like an ethereal dream. Byron Bay is an Australian paradise that offers its inhabitants lush landscapes to grow, create and inspire. You feel the ways that Melody truly captures this essence in her life. She has found a way to balance her passion for photography, her enduring love for the natural landscapes that permeate Byron Bay and her desire to raise her adorable child, Zephyr, with care and authenticity. She welcomed us into her home and it truly feels like a sanctuary where you can stop, breathe and ground yourself. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to her about her Room to Dream, the rituals that ground her and the ways she engages with her work, her family and her life in a dynamic and creative way.

What are your and Zephyr’s star signs?
I'm a true Scorpio woman and Zephyr is a beautifully balanced Libra child.

Beach or forest, and why?
Tough one as both are huge in my life! I go to each of these settings for the same reason but for it to be soaked up differently... When I picture myself at the beach and what I head there for is to surf, just dive in and feel the ocean washing away my thoughts from head to toe, to feel like I'm dancing on water and nobody's looking, the golden rays of the sun radiating a warm glow on my cheeks. This gives me such good energy!

Forest, bush or pastures are our everyday life. We live in the hinterland of Byron and can see lush green paddocks from every window of our house. I wouldn't have it any other day, I love the country life! Being amongst the huge towering trees listening to the birds sing to us or collecting fallen branches for firewood. Beautiful nature surrounds us daily and it’s everything to us, it's our life!! I really believe that being close to nature brings you closer to yourself, for sure.

What practices do you find in your daily life that ground and revitalise you?
We have quite a strong daily rhythm in many ways, and parts of this rhythm I've made sure to incorporate things that make me feel grounded & in the moment and I can truly take the moments to enjoy, rather than rushing through every minute of the day. Some of the strong daily rituals that I feel this way about are...

Our evening bath time, with essential oil and quiet tunes, this is a time for me and Zephyr to start winding down from the day and to chat about what we enjoyed the most out of our day.

We have been having a fire outside at sunset (just before our bath!) it's been freezing here lately, and it's so beautiful to hear the birds singing to us from the big gum and to get all toasty and warm... definitely makes me feel revitalised.

Listening to a really great podcast episode is something I really enjoy, because it's just totally me time!! I listen to ones on interesting spiritual beliefs or practices, women's stuff, even parenting and mum stuff, I've been loving them lately.

Believe it or not one ritual that makes me feel grounded and whole again after a busy day is getting Zephyr to sleep! We burn some sage, light a candle and read for about an hour while cuddling in his bed. I've totally given into this time, I'm completely in the moment and don't ever let those thoughts roll in about all the work I should really be doing ect... 

Our latest collection Room to Dream, is about the spaces that we create for ourselves where we allow ourselves to imagine all the possibilities and dreams our life can present. What does your Room to Dream feel/look like?
Natural light, high ceilings, earthy materials, minimal and subtle, round shapes and decorated with sentimental objects. Warm light pouring in a big window and always filled with the scent of whichever trees are outside my window. Peaceful & private and my own sacred space to dream.. 

Being a mother creates such a connection to the earth and is a really beautiful, but definitely difficult, full time job. What advice do you have for other women who are mothers and want to balance their creative pursuits and having little ones?
Once I started to separate the ‘work time’ and the Zephyr time, that was really the point in which I felt more balanced and really good about being a working mumma. Before that I was usually spending my days with him but not really wiiiiith him, I was trying to get the work done in my one on one time with him, sitting in front of the computer inside and watching him out the window in the garden, or just to fully engaging with him the way I could be. It was just so frustrating for us both as you can imagine and most working mums will resonate with that. Now I don’t even so much as open my laptop or check emails on my phone when I am with him. I wait until he is asleep at night (after 8pm) or when he is at school. Thats a huge part of the reason he goes to bed at sunset, so I can use those hours to nail out all my work that day, no matter how late I stay up, It means I can be with him in the morning. It’s a tough one but just get to know your balance and what’s most important is THEM.

What’s your favourite part about being a freelance photographer?
Capturing beauty is the very best thing! It makes you feel good inside, being in a beautiful scenic location, working with a model you can connect with and have a laugh with, knowing that this is ‘work’ is pretty amazing. You can see Melody’s photography work here, and here.

What would be the one mantra you would want Zephyr to live by?
Be yourself

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you find yourself?
Probably right where I am right now! I'm feeling quite content which never comes easily to me usually. So something must be really right about right now!

Melody and Zephyr's SUKU pick,
Photography // Courtesy Melody Jasmine
Words // Tamrin Barta

You can follow Melody and Zephyr’s adventures on her Instagram and her website, On the Road with Melody.


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