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Indonesia is a special place for SUKU. It’s where we find inspiration, from our hand dyed prints to our artisanal production techniques that pay homage to the birthplace of SUKU. In Indonesian the word SUKU is taken from the meaning ‘tribe’, a word that means so much to us as it reflects the importance of friendship, being in a team and loyalty to one’s tribe. This February we are bringing SUKU to Jakarta for our pop-up, The Breakfast Club, and we wanted to introduce you to some of our friends in Jakarta and find out what inspires them in their lives, and their hometowns. We are excited to be celebrating and showcasing the amazing creativity and innovation that comes out of the beautiful landscapes and bustling cityscapes of this country.

Angela and Michael are a couple who both started with backgrounds of graphic design and whose work showcases Indonesian culture through their own contemporary context, in the creative spheres of food, music, fashion and art. Angela’s work started as an illustrator and graphic designer, while also organising and running her own exhibitions. Her focus has shifted now to her painting, doing the illustration work for Vacation, a label that the couple started and run together with friends, as well as developing her own cosmetics brand, LAYN. Michael’s work is ingrained in the nightlife of Jakarta where he started Pleasure a few years ago with his friends, organising parties and projects with local brands that are well known across the city. He also is the Creative Director for the Jakarta chapter of the Potato Head Family, a group known for having some of the best venues, food, and parties in Indonesia. Although Angela and Michael work independently and are known for their individual creative pursuits, their inspiration and drive is fuelled by one another. We loved sitting down with them to hear about their lives in Jakarta, and with each other.

How did you two meet?
We first met at our university 9 years ago through mutual friends, I was Michael's senior back then. We took the same major, Visual Communication Design.

What is it from your partner that inspired you the most?
M: Kindness
A: His spirit

Coffee or Tea?
M: Coffee
A: Tea

What’s your dream breakfast in bed?
M: As simple as chicken porridge and ice water.
A: Spicy Chicken Porridge or Spicy Wonton Soup with fresh squeezed orange juice, we both love Bubur Ayam in the morning, haha.
Bubur Ayam is a quintessential Indonesian breakfast, and is the ultimate comfort food. If you want to enjoy Michael and Angela’s dream breakfast, use this recipe

Rainy mornings in bed, or waking up to sunshine on your face?
M: Sunshine! I don’t like the lazy rainy morning feeling.
A: Waking up to sunshine on my face. I love the sun, it lifts my spirit.

What is it about an early morning or late night that inspires you most?
M: Late nights... I feel that time is like my own personal space, I can focus on everything that I do without any distractions. That’s my zen time.
A:  They both play an equal part for me. Usually, I look for inspiration and developing ideas at night, and execute it in the morning. Browsing at night can stimulate my thoughts, I think better at night time. I think it's because of its quietness and the calmness. Whereas mornings give me the energy to execute, especially if it's sunny.

What influences you the most about living in Jakarta?
A: Ballsy! (Nekat)
M : It's hard you know but I agree with Angela... and also our friends

As designers and illustrators, what do you do to get your creative energy flowing in the morning?
M: I always grab my laptop and browse to find some images and stuff in the morning after I wake up, that’s very essential for my day especially if find something interesting.
A: I have to get active right away, just do it and let it flow.

Living together, what inspires you about the way you see each other seize the day?
M: The way we compromise our differences and learn from each other, like the way we work.
A: And how we push each other

Do you share a creative space, or do you find it best to work independently on your projects?
A:  Depends on the project, when I paint, I prefer to work independently.
M: Yes it depends, but mostly I work independently, I leave in the morning and am back at home quite late at night so I have to be more flexible.

Do you have any morning rituals that you share?
M: I “almost” always wake up earlier than her, haha. But we always discuss our plan and schedule in the morning.
A: Yeah, because I sleep later than him...Who gets up first, wakes the other one haha

What’s your go to track to get you out of bed and excited for the day? 
Michael: Both are my favs in the morning!


If you could open your eyes tomorrow and be anywhere in the world, where would you be?
M: Tokyo, amen! Haha
A:  NYC, I‘ve never been there but penasaran bgt!

Michael and Angela's SUKU pick,
Photography// Leandro Quintero at Hotel Monopoli
Words // Tamrin Barta


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