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As lovers and travellers who take their work with them all around the country, Widika Sidmore and David John Schaap are the kind of couple who choose to do life together every single day. It's their choices like this, as well as the pursuit of their passions, that give us a million burning questions for them. Since they're usually travelling around Indonesia for work or pleasure, we teamed them up with another one of our favourite Indo duos, photographer Leandro Quintero and stylist Karin Wijaya, to create their own moments in love for SUKU.


How did you both meet?
We met at the set of Wonderful Indonesia commercial. We were co stars, we got to travel around indonesia, got to do pretty cool things, shared amazing memories together and the rest is history hehe 

How would you describe what you do?
Widika: A little bit of everything, like a bento box, bunch of humble jumble of goodiness hehe  im a model, part time tv host, traveller and actress. 
David: I'm quite a simple man, adventurous, loves extreme sports and being out in nature. 

What's inspired you about your partner's practice?
W: His energy in wanting to learn new things without fear or doubts, completely an adventurous soul. His kind hearted nature always gets me, he's always super sweet and kind to others regardless the situations are about.  
D: Every time I'm with her there's this calmness vibe that she brings with her, regardless at home or when we're out on a trip, she never fails to inspire me. I love her smile and the way I make her laugh especially when we are having a good quality time.


Seems like travelling plays a big part in both your life. How many times did you travel already this year, where to and what for?
W: Hahaha good question, at the beginning of the year I was super determined to collect all of my boarding passes but failed to do so. It started to pilled up in the corner of my book shelf like paper bills haha I gave up. But one thing for sure, every month David and I are always hopping on a plane or two or three and more, always... 
D: Hmm...let me think.. last year we travelled quite alot together, this year because we have different schedules and work we barely see each other, but hopefully we get to travel more at the end of the year. I'm planning to take her down to Batu Karas so she can learn how to surf hehe.

What was the last thing that made you feel Zen and shut off your busy brain off completely?
W: I went hiking up Mount Agung (the tallest mountain in Bali) two weeks ago. It took me 13 hours to summit and ascend on the same day. It was super challenging due to no sleep (because we started hiking up at 11pm and summited at 6 am for sunrise and another 7 hours descending). Regardless of the exhaustion, I was refreshed and centered, it silenced my brain and I was left with zero negativity in my system hehe 
D: I went to a full day enduro motor cross trips, a full day trip, started from the morning till the evening.

What do you miss the most about each other while you're apart?
W: His cuddles hahahahaha simple as that 
D: I miss our quality time, times when we joke around and laugh about everything, haha and I miss waking up in the morning with freshly brewed coffee and breakfast she made just for me.

Can you describe each other in three words?
W: Goofy, spontaneous and kind 
D: I would say the same thing hehe 

Whats the cutest thing you've ever done to each other?
W:  I once surprised him on Valentines day by turning up in Bandung in the middle of the night (at his uncles house, he was fixing his new dirt bike he just bought) after telling him I wont make it to Bandung because I was in Padang, Sumatera, for couple of days for work, but in truth, I had a day trip instead, arrived pretty late in Jakarta and took a travel bus to Bandung straight from the airport. I got his cousin to secretly picked me up at the bus station hehe when i arrived he was completely dead asleep, and totally startled to find me cuddling him haha he kept saying " omg, your here and I hate you then I love yous" hahaha 
D: She was having a bad day one day. So I wanted to surprise her. I bought her flowers all the way from Bandung, which was 4 hours drive haha. While I was on the road to her, I sent her a couple of videos of me driving. She had no idea I was on the way to her house. And finally sent her a last video of me parking the car waiting for her to come out and grab some pasta for lunch. She loves pasta! I knew pasta and flowers would make her feel better, and it did! We had such a good day that day.

Part of your work is to travel across Indonesia, share with us three of your fav places in Indonesia that not that many people knows about?
W:  Uuuh thats hard, one thing I love about Indonesia and could never be bored to travel around this beautiful country is the never ending Diversity in Culture, Culinary, Scenery, it goes on.. my picks are pretty cliche, Toraja, Sumba and Raja Ampat hehe 
D: I got couple of list hehe Pulau Kei, just amazing place with its beautiful beaches, its known for the 2nd softest sand in the world after Hawaii. Flores is just amazing, there are waterfalls, beautiful mountains that you can trek, diving, Komodos, it goes on, there's always something to do and to explore here in Flores. Last but not least, Mentawai islands, The best! Surfing Paradise, enough said hehe
How far would you go for love?
W: As far as experiencing the pain of 20 bones fractured at the same time during child birth ? Haha 
D: Uuuuh...well...hmm.. thats a good question, till my last breath.. yeah. 

Widika and David's SUKU pick,
Teardrop Quilt Cover
Photography // Leandro Quintero
Styling // Karin Wijaya
Words // Maxine Dabrowski


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