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Our first meeting with Eva is a hard one to forget. She came to our Jakarta Pop Up 3 years ago and rode a hired scooter to get there, Margiela Tabi Boots and all. Her down-to-earth nature made it feel like we were old friends who’d known each other for years, and we clicked instantly. 

Eva, known by her stage name of Eva Celia, is a singer-songwriter based in Jakarta.The daughter of a jazz musician, she’s paved her own way into the music industry with her sound, a mixture of R&B, neo-soul and jazz that has gained her multiple award nominations. Over the years, she’s continued to gather a fan base that clearly feels connected and invested in her life. 

The sincere energy that she exudes not only in person but also over her social media platforms explains the strong connection that her followers have with her. Maintaining an emphasis on remaining authentic to her true self is what drew us to Eva, and we loved talking to her about how she’s maintained this while in the public eye, what she’s listening to, how she stays grounded, and everything in between.

What’s been your favourite part about growing up in Indonesia?

I can definitely name a few but one of my favourites is definitely the ability to travel short distances to experience different cultures and traditions. Also growing up in the 90s, I remember I would always look forward to Sundays where I would have an internal battle whether to sleep in or watch cartoons from 6:30 - 11 AM.

What has been your favourite part about creating through music?

I think I’ve always been so fascinated with the fact that, no matter what your background is, music is one thing we can all agree upon and understand. And what I love most about creating through music is being able to make people feel less alone. I wear my heart on my sleeves. It really is the closest thing to magic for me when people can connect to my songs and have their own interpretation based on their life experiences.

When did you first start expressing yourself through fashion?

Since as long as I could remember. I’ve always thought of fashion as an expression of spirit and character. But the courage to actually experiment with what I wear has just started recently, especially after I met the mega-talent, Jonathan Andy.

What’s your favourite item in your closet? 

My Boston Birkenstock. I wear them everyday.

What song do you currently have on repeat and why?

Over by Robert Glasper ft. Yebba Smith. I’ve been listening and learning from Yebba a lot recently. Other than the wonderful composition and spotless performance, the lyrics hit close to home :)

What movie or TV show has resonated with you recently?

I saw Everything, Everywhere, All At Once recently and was blown away. I had to watch it twice to really grasp the whole story. 



You’ve maintained an online (and offline) presence that remains real and genuine. How do you stay true to yourself in such a public industry? 

I’m definitely still learning and it’s not easy. I think being comfortable with spending time alone is one of the things that I’m currently discovering to be crucial in laying the foundation of a life that is aligned for me. Learning to say no. And caring a little less of what people think.

What’s something people don’t know about you, but that you’d like them to? 

I am a very shy person.

How do you slow down?

Putting my phone away and really paying attention to the world around me. Which is something that is quite challenging to do in Jakarta.

Tell us about a place that makes you feel at home // What places in your life make you feel at home?

Germany. I remember the last time I visited and just feeling so alive for the first time in a very long time. I cannot wait to go back.

What excites you about the future?

I’m currently on a journey of rediscovering myself which is scary but exciting at the same time, something I should’ve done a long time ago. Also, lots of new music!

Photography & Styling by Jonathan Andy Tan