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Hikari Mori is one of Japan’s most iconic women; she is known for her style and bubbly personality in the international fashion community and it’s easy to see why. Moreover, her passionate work that she does around sustainability, and her goals for a slower, more grounded life drew us to her. We connected through social media, and loved her joie de vivre and presence, which was enigmatic and embracing of life’s dualities. 

Here at SUKU, we want our platform to be a space where we can share the story of like minded people who embody the SUKU philosophy and aesthetic and this is what we got from our first interactions with Hikari. We should’ve known that she would still surprise us when we had the opportunity to speak candidly to her about her upbringing, her dreams and what makes her happy. Hikari’s spirit is charming and sweet, and you can see that she aims to bring happiness and joy to those who she connects with. She is also passionate about Japanese culture and having the chance to showcase the traditional skills and natural beauty of her home. Her personal space reflects this desire for the natural world and a calmer existence, with the natural light pouring in, abundance of greenery and her traditionally styled meditation room. 

Speaking to Hikari, we were reminded of the reasons we started SUKU, and felt a deep connection and understanding; our values and desires for a sustainable future which focused on traditional skills from our homelands are aligned. We loved having the opportunity to glimpse into her world, and see the depth of her spirit, and we are sure you will too.