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SUKU has always been a female led and created business, where we always strive to encourage and support our community while finding the fun in everything we do. We admire the driven and creative women we meet from all around the world, much like our friend Resida. Born and raised in Jakarta, the mother of two and entrepreneur is all about incorporating fun in everything she does: balancing work, play and family.

Resida seems to make time for it all, from designing her own brand Vacation, to stocking new innovative local and international brands at Escalier, a multi-brand clothing store founded by Resida and her business partner Emmelyn back in 2010, and still making time to to hang out with friends - she just does what she loves. 

We took some time to talk about growing up in Indonesia, what balance is like for her, her daily rituals and how she creates her own definition of home.

Where in the world are you right now?
Currently taking it easy, and soaking up the sun in Bali.

Where did you grow up? Can you tell us some of your favorite memories as a child.
I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. My dad loved to go on road trips when I was growing up, where he’d always take out the backseat and put a bed instead.

What about your home in Indonesia do you love the most?
Definitely the food and the beaches are what I love about home the most.

What is home to you?
Home to me is wherever my family and friends are - simple.

Do you have any current daily rituals that help you stay inspired and grounded?
I’ve really been enjoying using the Headspace app to meditate every morning, sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes it's 20. It helps me to think straight and find balance as I start my day.

How does your personal style reflect your home?
Actually, my home doesn’t really reflect my personal style or the way I dress.. But I do like to mix everything up.

What is balance to you and how do you achieve this?
Balance to me is being happy both mentally and physically. I always try my best to incorporate both. I try to have fun in almost everything I do - I just do the things I love… designing my brand Vacation, hanging out with friends and spending time with my kids.

How do you create a space that makes you feel comfortable?
Big windows, facing trees that sway in the wind and a nice room temperature.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re in need of an emotional rescue?
Definitely going for a swim then a massage - the perfect combo!

If you could express your current mood in a song, what would it be?

What advice would you give to your younger entrepreneurial self?
Stay true to yourself, it’s the only way you’ll enjoy this in the long run.

When you dream big for your life, what are you hopeful for in the year to come?
In the year to come, I want to move to Bali and have the perfect house by the beach where I can take my kids and dogs on walks everyday.

You can shop Resida picks on our website or at our stockist Escalier (in-store and online).