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Yuichiro and Akisa are the faces behind Tangerine, an ongoing project which embraces collaboration and traditional Japanese farming showcasing the deliciousness of the mikan fruit. Mikan is a sweet citrus which has been traditionally produced in southern Japan, including Ehime prefecture - one of the most renowned producing districts of the country. The story of Tangerine is a love story between Yuichiro and Akisa, who met in Tokyo, as well as a love story about the beauty of the Japanese landscape and the agricultural history of Japan that they have learned from their family. Talking with Yuichiro and Akisa about Tangerine has truly inspired us. Their professional decision to switch up their life and live as mikan farmers with Yuichiro's family reminded us that life is so much more than getting caught up in the city grind. Their way of life is both unique but also steeped in something that is so integral to human history and our future – the embracing of thoughtful agriculture and use of resources.


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