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For someone as young as Tara Basro, her achievements in her acting career are impressive, having already won the Citra Award for Best Actress in 2015, recognised as Indonesia’s most prestigious film awards. Tara has a strong and independent soul but you can really feel her bubbly and bright personality shine through when you speak to her. It’s this duality and authenticity that has made her so recognisable in Indonesia and on social media. Over the last few years, she’s also used her platform to talk about what it means to inhabit a woman’s body on social media.

For our Pillowtalk shoot, Tara worked with her close friends Leandro Quintero and Jonathan Andy, who shot and styled the shoot respectively, to photograph her in her Jakarta home. You can feel the comfort of friendship and sense of collaboration in each shot. We also spoke to her about what makes Indonesia home to her after living overseas, what being a female creative looks like in 2021, and what she would ask her ancestors if she ever could.