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Lillian Ahenkan, who you may know as Flex Mami, is the definition of a millennial slashie, and she’s one of Australia’s rising voices on social media. Lillian describes herself as a professional opinion haver and doer of things, and she covers everything from orgasms to DIY to feminism. We first fell in love with Lillian through her podcast with Bobo Matjila, called Bobo and Flex. The two riffed, debated, and laughed their way through a wide range of pop culture topics. From there, we couldn’t help but dive deeper: we subscribed to her channels, played her Reflex game, and bought her merchandise on
Flex Factory. We love her brevity, honesty and the good humour she brings to everything she does. Everything about Lillian is real talk, and we were lucky enough to get a mini tour of her maximalist home and have a quick chat with her about social media, her favourite music at the moment, and what it’s like being your own boss.