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Brett Whiteley, a prominent modern Australian artist described a “picture [as] the promise of the poem”, and Weda Sattya’s photographic work embodies the poetry of soft fabric, delicate skin, and a love of the Balinese landscape. Her photography is filtered through rose coloured lenses, making everything softer, more intricate and tranquil. We couldn’t wait for our first Dreamteam of the year to feature her photographic style, shot in her hometown. Even better, our own Suku babe Chiara was visiting Bali (her hometown too), and so voila - we had the perfect moment to capture the essence of island life in Bali represented by two locals. We also sat down with Weda and asked her a few quick questions about what she loves about Bali, travel, and where she hopes her path will take her in the year ahead.

What's something that you see a little differently than most people?
I’m a sensitive person, maybe that’s why I always like to see [the] true feelings behind everything. And I will be curious about it so I like to dig a bit deeper.

Where do you want your photography projects to take you this year?
Literally anywhere! Work wise: London, Hong Kong, Berlin. But personally I would love to explore more of our beautiful country Indonesia.

What are you most inspired by from your hometown, Bali? What about Bali do you most love?
Definitely the culture. It’s one of a kind and as a Balinese [person] myself it always surprises me. I love everything about this island. The nature, natives, food, and so much more.

Can you share with us your secret go to place to experience the ultimate paradise in Bali?
It would be difficult to choose one, but the villages that have not been overly developed win my heart every time.

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you be?
Nepal or Peru. Both are on the top of my list.

Photography // Weda Sattya
Model // Chiara Croserio
Styling // Christine Lafian
Location // Happy Together Bali


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