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Earlier this year, during Spring in Japan, we caught up with our old friend and collaborator Wave to speak about home. Her half Japanese and half Israeli heritage showed her the joys of multicultural cooking, and the flavours of both Japanese umami and Israeli spice. In this fusion of culture, she was raised in the Byron hinterlands with the fresh produce and tropical sunlight of one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. Therefore, it seemed fitting that we asked her to show us her heritage, how she sees, tastes and experiences the amalgamation of tradition that she was brought up in. Her photojournal speaks to her love of travel, and the natural landscape.

Where in the world are you now?
I’m in Japan, at my favourite little coffee shop in Kyoto. I’m here travelling for a few weeks and working on Open Shop store.

Where did you grow up? What is a memory from your childhood that you really cherish?
I grew up on an acreage in Mullumbimby, a small town in Northern NSW, Australia. Our property stretched over rolling hills and bush land, we had farm animals, creeks, and plenty of wildlife surrounding our home - seeing a koala in the backyard was the norm. It was an idyllic playground for my siblings, friends and I, and it’s a memory from my childhood I really cherish. Forever thankful for mum and dad appreciating the importance of raising their children in such a free and healthy environment, letting us be wild kids in nature.

Our current collection is about the journey inwards to find home, what song describes this journey for you personally?
Halcyon and on and on - Orbital. In primary school this song was Seala (my best friend/@mori_market business partner) and I’s favourite, listening to it always takes me back and the track was released the same year we were born, cool coincidence.

What is the smell you most associate with Japan and why?
Tatami, mugi-cha, and fresh laundered linen - it reminds me of my grandparents' home in Japan.  

Do you prefer big cities, or the quiet countryside? 
A bit of both! I love the excitement of big cities and what they have to offer, but always need the countryside to recharge.

What is your favourite place to visit when you go to Japan?
Kyoto is always a must when I visit - culture, history, food, nature, beauty and art collide. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the years, it’s become a second home.

Do you have any favourite Israeli recipes that make you think of your childhood/family?
A childhood/family favourite dinner at home was Bourekas - a popular street food in Israel. It’s a puff-pastry, traditionally made in a variety of shapes with savoury fillings.

At home my dad would make Bourekas triangles filled with cheese/spinach/caramelised onion, or feta/tomato/salami. Seasoned with toasted sesame seeds. Easy and simple.

Fresh out of the oven, we put the entire tray of Bourekas on the dinner table so it’s a self serve situation, and this is the important part; Slice the bourekas open so it forms a pocket, fill it with tahina (tahina is a combination of tahini, lemon juice, garlic and parsley, a permanent staple in my parents fridge), sliced dill pickle and thin sliced boiled egg. Beteavon!

Having a diverse cultural heritage can be an exciting journey of discovery, what is something that you’ve discovered about your heritage that makes you feel really connected to your personal history?
I recently took a trip to Israel, the underlying purpose of the trip was to further understand and connect to my Israeli/Jewish heritage. The last time I visited I was 18, so I felt like it was an appropriate time now as a young adult to re-visit and discover the country with a different perspective and intent. I can’t narrow it down to “something” I discovered, I’d describe the overall experience as heartwarming and necessary for connecting the dots to complete the picture of my personal history. 

If you could show the world one thing about Israel that you love the most, what would it be?
Hike up Masada in the early hours of the morning and watch the sunrise over the Dead Sea, if you’re lucky you’ll see the full-moon set behind you at the exact same time. This occurred on my most recent trip and it was a magical experience.

Also, go to a hummus restaurant, order shakshuka poured into a bowl of hummus, it’s served with complimentary fresh warm pita on the side, assorted pickles, and bottomless Turkish coffee, you’re welcome. 

What makes a place home to you?
Anywhere that feels peaceful or where there’s a kitchen, cooking always makes me feel at home. 

ll What did you want to capture most in your photos of Japan?
The diverse landscapes and untouched nature - the scenery reminded me of old postcards, I wanted to capture that reminiscent feeling in some way

If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would you be?
It’s my favourite season in Kyoto right now and I love it here, I’m happy to say I’d choose to wake up exactly where I am.

All photos courtesy of Waves Lachish