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We maintain partnerships with craftspeople and artisan communities throughout Indonesia with an emphasis on social and environmental sustainability. All of our business is fair-trade and in support of economic empowerment for local people. We strive to uphold the ongoing tradition of natural hand dyeing and traditional craftsmanship, keeping the production process authentic and as close to the source as possible. We work closely with our Studio in Bali for the small-scale production of our SUKU bedding and leisurewear. Skilled Balinese artisans dip dye and hand paint our bedding fabric using a traditional Indonesian batik technique – this is a process that takes up to three weeks to complete. Hand dyeing and hand sewing are delicate, labor-intensive processes. Each production is beautifully unique in its own way. What you can expect from a SUKU product is a unique item made with love and intention.


Meet Our Team


Chrissy's grandmother, Henny, has been involved in managing garment production for over 10 years, working from the same studio. When Chrissy started SUKU Home she chose to work with the same community of artisan craftspeople, and has worked with the same Studio since and Henny continues to manage the Studio to this day. At the studio, 10 people have been with us from the very beginning, and now we have expanded to a team of about 20 people. Some of our craftspeople work from their homes, such as our knitters, digital printers and hand embroiderers. At the Studio, everyone collaborates together, working on every aspect of production. What we love about our team is that everyone lives really close to each other and they have created a small community of friends and colleagues. In fact, everyone that produces your SUKU garments is Indonesian, and 90% of our craftspeople are Balinese. Each print is designed as a collaborative process where we seek consultation from our skilled Balinese artisans about traditional techniques and how to use them in exciting and challenging ways. This strong sense of collaboration underpins our whole ethos and results in every print being unique to SUKU and copyright of us.




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