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SUKU Home Designer Profile Photo

Having been immersed in a myriad of colour and pattern growing up in Indonesia, the designer, Christine Lafian, was inspired by a desire to bring the ethereal artwork of tribal cultures into the modern household. She believes the home to be an extension of the self. With this philosophy in mind, each piece has been selected and designed with love and integrity.   

Lafian traveled throughout her homeland in Indonesia sourcing inspiration from small villages along the coast. While developing a unique aesthetic during these trips, Christine began collecting handmade pieces from local designers that complimented her own style. It is this pairing of traditional pattern work and bold, colourful design choices that enhance the rare and beautiful nature of SUKU.

SUKU is rooted in authenticity, sustainability, and connecting our global community under ethical fair trade practices and shared experiences. Real people with real stories have skillfully handcrafted each product, weaving their lives into our own. These are more than just decorative pieces; they symbolize a place of tranquility where you can escape and dream. 


Words by Shannon May Powell |  Photography by Hilary Walker


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