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Per Diem


SUKU Home’s newest embellishment is the Per Diem collection, made up of pieces that are as transformational as the human imagination. This time it’s up to you to decide which multifunctional form it will take. It could be anything that you wish it to be. Thus the title Per Diem was born as it translates to ‘for each day,’ meaning that this collection was made to transcend the home and come along with you for the everyday adventure. Under the art direction of SUKU designer Christine Lafian, this new collection of multifunctional textiles was lovingly designed and handcrafted at our artisan studio.


Inspired by simple daily life, the textile is beaded with intricate symbols of dancing men, geometric patterns and land animals creating a vivid and primitive aesthetic. The naturally dyed pieces in this collection come in tones of indigo blue and maroon. Whether you find yourself in the balmy atmosphere of a tropical haven or wrapped in the mist of a cold city morning fog, SUKU has you covered. Covered in textiles from the homeland of Sumba, Indonesia.

Words by Shannon May Powell. Photography by Ingrid Kesa





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