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Moonlit Forest Candle

Moonlit Forest Candle
Moonlit Forest Candle
Moonlit Forest Candle

Moonlit Forest Candle


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A forest lit by the opal moon light. The sweet and pungent smell of warm rain and fresh grapefruit, fingertips stained with tobacco. Open palms press against the curves of a smooth body that rests in a bed of moss. The gentle drum of two hearts beating.

  • Soy wax & essential oil
  • Hand poured in Bali
  • 100ml
  • 8 hours burn time  

Fragrance notes: tobacco and grape.

The Bau Bau Candle is a unique home aroma experience, crafted with care in Bali and hand-casted in local ceramics. With each box, you’ll find a unique key that unlocks a carefully curated playlist by Michael Kucyk from Efficient Space, a Naarm-based record label. Kucyk has designed each playlist to complement the experience of each candle. Enjoy the distinctive shape, colour, scent and sound of each candle, sure to create a memorable atmosphere in any space.


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